The firm has three stages that represent the general methodology by which it approaches each matter.


Clients are encouraged to include the firm in their important commercial decisions from the outset and to involve relevant lawyers fully in all aspects of their strategic planning. Also from the outset the firm would asses and agree its fees, together with the terms, deliverables and parameters that will form the basis of its partnering with its clients.


Regardless of the nature of the work, the firm maintains a focused interactive dialogue with its clients throughout the whole development process.  This builds and maintains trust and confidence and ensures that legal imput remains within the precise parameters of the client's business targets and requirements.  The size of the firm helps to achieve this.  The firm's clients know with whom they are dealing from the outset without being passed from one lawyer to the next, as is sometimes the case in larger firms. The firm provides a truly personal service and consistency of advice by ensuring lawyers work closely with each other and with the firm's clients.


The firm strives to deliver efficient, speedy and cost effective input. The principal will ensure that all clients consistently receive the quality of service and advice that has been promised.