To our existing clients and only selectively, we offer corporate, commercial and structural advice on certain projects (which are considered on a case by case basis) such as:

Power production and distribution projects

Hospital development and other medical and health related projects

University, school and other education related projects

Telecommunication projects

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The following are examples of projects in which lawyers at the firm have been involved: 

Advising the developers/promoters in Build-Operate-Transfer power generation and distribution projects granted by the Governments of Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana and South Sudan

Advising the operators in a power project undertaken with Electricite de Zahle in Lebanon

Advising a member of the Abu Dhabi Ruling Family on the development of hospitals in Abu Dhabi

Advising Pathway Genomics on the development of its genetic / DNA analysis and precision medicine business outside the USA

Advising a Saudi family office on the establishment of University of Arizona Medical School and University of Keele Medical School in Saudi Arabia

Advising a Dubai family office on the establishment of Oundle School and various universities in Dubai including Purdue University

Advising a major stakeholder in the development of Blackphone and related Silent Circle products across the Middle East, Africa and a number of European jurisdictions

Advising the developers and promoters of an oil-backed hybrid sovereign and development fund for the Government of South Sudan for the development of power plants, hospitals, roads and other infrastructure projects

Advising on the proposed acquisition and reorganisation of Ittefaq Foundries in Pakistan before Nawaz Sharif's return to power in 2013

Advising on a proposed medical hub in Turkey

Advising on the corporate and intellectual structuring of the engineering modelling and technology underlying the floating island project incepted by the Jounieh Floating Island in Lebanon